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Category > Matryoshka
Material > Wood
Russian doll of 10 units (rbls)
Category: Matryoshka, Material: Wood

Elevate your decor with our set of 10 exquisitely hand-painted Russian dolls, showcasing the timeless beauty of traditional khohloma style.

Crafted with precision in Russia, these nesting dolls stand out for their intricate detailing and vibrant colors. An ideal addition to your collection or a unique resale opportunity. Each doll fits seamlessly into the next, creating a visually stunning ensemble.

Own a piece of Russian artistry – the perfect blend of culture and craftsmanship awaits.

Average Weight: 225 grams
Price $30.00
Available in Stock: 9923
Amount: (max 9923)
Price of 1 is: $ 30
Weight is: 225 grams

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