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Russian Doll
Russian Doll (rsmp)
Russian Dolls, price sets of 5 units including figures of different sizes. Variety of colors and paints. The height of the largest doll is 8-10 cm.
Price $6
Keychains with Russian dolls
Keychains with Russian dolls (rjki)
Keyrings with wooden Russian dolls, hand-painted
Price $1.35
Hohloma painted spoons
Hohloma painted spoons (rchu)
Hohloma painted spoons. One of the most popular types of hand-painting in Russia.
Price $3.50
Wooden nesting unpainted doll
Wooden nesting unpainted doll (rglx)
Nesting wooden stacking unpainted doll in doll, 5 units
Price $5
Wooden nesting blank doll
Wooden nesting blank doll (rgly)
Nesting wooden doll in blank, 5 units
Price $5
Fridge magnets
Fridge magnets (ruac)
Fridge magnets in the form of matryoshka dolls
Price $1.25
Small dolls
Small dolls (rglo)
Small matryoshka dolls. Height 4 cm, 5 units.
Price $5
Russian Dolls golden
Russian Dolls golden (roro)
Russian dolls made ​​and hand painted with golden color ornament. Price for sets of 5 units. The height of the largest doll is 10 cm.
Price $7.50
Pens (rpen)
The pens adorned with ethnic Russian paintings
Price $2
Matryoshka cat
Matryoshka cat (rgli)
Matryoshka wooden doll - cat, hand painted.
Price $17.50