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Category > Other
Material > Wood
Boxes for eye glasses (rglm)
Category: Other, Material: Wood

Elevate your eyewear display with our exquisite handmade wooden boxes featuring authentic Russian ethnic imagery.

Originating from Russia, these meticulously crafted boxes add a touch of cultural elegance to your eyeglasses. Ideal for protecting and showcasing eyewear, these unique boxes promise to captivate buyers seeking distinctive, artisanal pieces.

Perfect for small boutiques, medium-sized retailers, or wholesale distribution, these wooden boxes are not just storage; they're an experience. Invest in these culturally rich, handcrafted treasures to enhance your offerings and enthrall your customers.

Average Weight: 115 grams
Price $12.50
Available in Stock: 9931
Amount: (max 9931)
Price of 3 is: $ 37.5
Weight is: 345 grams

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