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Category > Matryoshka
Material > Wood
The family, dog, cat and mouse (rskz)
Category: Matryoshka, Material: Wood

Explore the charm of Russia with our handmade Russian doll sets inspired by the beloved tale of Repka.

Each set of 6 intricately crafted dolls narrates the story of cooperation and unity, featuring characters attempting to pull out a large turnip together. Standing at 15 cm tall, these dolls capture the essence of teamwork and tradition. Perfect for collectors or as a heartwarming addition to your store's offerings.

Bring the spirit of unity and folklore to your shelves with these authentic creations from Russia.

Average Weight: 170 grams
Price $15.00
Available in Stock: 9932
Amount: (max 9932)
Price of 1 is: $ 15
Weight is: 170 grams

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