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Category > Matryoshka
Material > Wood
Matryoshka 10 pieces (rglh)
Category: Matryoshka, Material: Wood

Elevate your décor with our exquisite Wooden Matryoshka Sets, a masterpiece of Russian craftsmanship.

Handmade with precision, this set of 10 nesting dolls stands at a charming 13.5 cm, showcasing intricate Russian painting style. Originating from Russia, these dolls are more than ornaments; they are a cultural journey captured in each hand-painted layer. Ideal for personal joy or as a unique resale item, these wooden treasures promise to captivate hearts and enhance any space.

Don't miss the opportunity to offer your customers a piece of Russian artistry.

Average Weight: 225 grams
Price $30.00
Available in Stock: 9978
Amount: (max 9978)
Price of 1 is: $ 30
Weight is: 225 grams

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