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Category > Matryoshka
Material > Wood
Small Russian Dolls (rsml)
Category: Matryoshka, Material: Wood

Small wooden Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, flower style, sets of 3 units. Height of largest doll is 7 cm. This is the most cheap matryoshka doll we offer.


**Interesting Facts and Curiosities about Small Russian Dolls from Russia**

Do you know that these sets of 3 small Russian dolls, with the largest one standing at just 7 cm in height, hold a world of intrigue?

Intricately crafted, rich in history, and a symbol of unity, these sets of 3 small Russian dolls hold a special place in the world of art and culture, making them both charming ornaments and valuable collectibles.

Average Weight: 20 grams
Price $2.50
Available in Stock: 8726
Amount: (max 8726)
Price of 5 is: $ 12.5
Weight is: 100 grams

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