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Category > Dolls with bells
Material > Wood
Round toys (rktg)
Category: Dolls with bells, Material: Wood

Elevate playtime with our handmade Russian round toys - charming wooden balls painted with delightful faces and a playful bell inside, embodying the whimsy of nevalyashka style.

Standing at a height of 8 cm, these unique, handcrafted treasures from Russia promise endless joy for children and a distinctive addition to your inventory.

Perfect for resale, these toys blend tradition with entertainment, making them an irresistible choice for small, medium, and wholesale buyers seeking quality and enchantment.

Average Weight: 89 grams
Price $7.50
Available in Stock: 9997
Amount: (max 9997)
Price of 3 is: $ 22.5
Weight is: 267 grams

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