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Category > Dolls with bells
Material > Wood
Dolls with bells (ruab)
Category: Dolls with bells, Material: Wood

Elevate your offerings with the charm of Nevalyashka, traditional Russian dolls that captivate with their delightful 10 cm height and melodic bells within.

Handcrafted in Russia, these timeless treasures promise a unique blend of cultural richness and artisanal excellence. Perfect for small, medium, or wholesale purchases, these dolls are not just products; they're opportunities to infuse your space or business with the enchanting spirit of Russian craftsmanship.

Invest in Nevalyashka and watch your sales resonate with the sweet melody of success.

Average Weight: 78 grams
Price $5.00
Available in Stock: 9837
Amount: (max 9837)
Price of 6 is: $ 30
Weight is: 468 grams

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